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General Nephrology Services

Welcome to Dr. Chetan Mahajan Kidney Clinic, your trusted source for comprehensive general Nephrology services in Amritsar.

Our Focus

At Amritsar Kidney Care Clinic, we are dedicated to the diagnosis and management of various kidney conditions, including Hypertension associated kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, Kidney stone etc..
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Our Services

Early Diagnosis

Timely assessment and personalized treatment plans.

Kidney Stone Management

Efficient diagnosis and treatment for kidney stones.


Counselling regarding different Renal Replacement Therapy available, such as Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis.

Hypertension Control

Expert management to protect from adverse effects on different body organs including kidneys.

Pre-Transplant Evaluation

Comprehensive assessments for kidney transplantation.

Post-Transplant Care

Vigilant support for transplanted kidneys.

Why Choose Us

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Prioritize your kidney health. Contact Dr. Chetan Mahajan, the best Nephrologist doctor in Amritsar, and embark on your journey to better kidney health.

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